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OFTEC in Europe


OFTEC in Europe

Why is OFTEC active in Europe?

Most legislation relating to domestic oil heating and cooking originates from directives from the European Commission. As an example, the “Energy related Products Directive” directly affects which types of boiler and other equipment can be manufactured in the future.

OFTEC represents the views and interests of its members to the EC and defends against provisions in European directives which could threaten the future of oil-fired heating and cooking.

The European Heating Oil Association (Eurofuel)

OFTEC is a member of Eurofuel – a European umbrella trade association comprising similar associations from Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Finland, Norway and Switzerland. The organisation has a full-time executive director based in Brussels.

Eurofuel promotes existing and emerging techniques relating to heating oil and oil-fired equipment for domestic users. Through Eurofuel we share best practices, take advantage of research and development throughout Europe and exchange information with the USA.


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