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OFTEC’s lobbying activities

OFTEC represents the views of its members through lobbies at the political institutions in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Lobbying allows us to promote oil-fired products to politicians and civil servants in Westminster, Belfast and Dublin.

OFTEC has been active and influential in the following campaigns:

Energy Related Products Directive

This European Directive threatened to include very low nitrous oxide (NOx) emission limits from oil central heating boilers from 2018. This would have required condensing oil boilers in the UK and Republic of Ireland to be much larger and more expensive than at present due to the introduction of new “blue-flame” burners and their physical size. Following a seven year lobbying campaign, OFTEC secured more realistic NOx emission limits for the UK and Ireland which will extend the use of yellow-flame burners until around 2021, by when it is anticipated that more cost effective ways of complying will have been devised.

Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive and bio-liquids

The Government introduced the RHI in April 2014 offering substantial grants (e.g. £2,000 p.a. for seven years) to home owners that switch from fossil fuel to “renewable heat” provided by heat pumps and other technologies. OFTEC campaigned against the incentive which unfairly targets rural home dwellers, and is pleased to note that take up so far has been limited. It continues to press the case for bio-liquids to be grant aided by the Government and is pleased that in Northern Ireland a bio-liquid will be included in their RHI from late 2016. 

Promoting formal registration of technicians in the Republic of Ireland

OFTEC is working closely with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to ensure the reliability of grant-funded boiler installation work by requiring that all installers of new condensing boilers are members of a competent persons scheme.

Promoting carbon monoxide awareness

OFTEC has joined a scheme run by the gas industry to ensure prompt and full reporting of all carbon monoxide poisoning incidents.

Influencing technical legislation

OFTEC responds to all Government and other consultations about oil heating and cooking that relate to the UK and its dependant territories and the Republic of Ireland. Also through Eurofuel it responds to a number of European Commission consultations on heating.

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